Kneeling Bow

Kneeling Bow
How To Perform

• Begin on hands and knees, with hands placed shoulder-width apart and knees placed at hip width.
• Perform 5 rounds of Cat and Cow poses to warm the body, coming back to a neutral spine to begin this posture.
• Extend the right leg behind you at hip height. Reach the left arm forward at shoulder height. Fix the gaze.
• Once you feel steady here, bend the right leg in toward you. Reach the left hand behind you and take hold of the right ankle. If you cannot reach the ankle, use a yoga strap or towel between the back of the heel and hand.
• Press the top of the foot away from you and bow into the hand, lifting the chest and tailbone while arching the back down toward the mat.
• Hold for five breaths.
• Release by returning to hands and knees.
• Change sides and repeat.


• Energises the body and counters fatigue. Opens the chest, shoulders, throat and back.
• Stretches the psoas, thighs and ankles.
• Improves posture.
• Enhances balance and concentration.
• Stimulates heart and throat chakras.


• Shoulder, knee, ankle or back injuries.
• A blanket can be placed under sensitive knees for additional cushioning; however, be mindful of challenged balance when practising on a soft surface.

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