Kutoa is working hard to generate a generation of givers. Believing that all lives have value, Kutoa has developed a unique web-based platform connecting people from all around the world to participate in giving a little together, so that a lot can get done.

Marrying micro-philanthropy with voting, and then applying the engine of social media, Kutoa is engaging families and classrooms all around the world. Whether in Sydney or Seoul, Dublin or Detroit, Toronto or Tokyo, Kutoa has become the entry point for giving.

Not many of us have 100,000 of whatever our currency is to staff a hospital in rural India, send a cohort of girls to school in Mali, or fund a program working to prevent the recruitment of child soldiers. But if 100,000 of us give just £1 then collectively we can accomplish funding these otherwise overwhelming expensive projects.

But how do we choose what to fund each month? Simple. Kutoa has developed partnerships with 12 world-class international relief agencies, one of which feature each month. Bringing awareness to the particular humanitarian theme that this organisation excels in – be it borderless medicine (Doctors Without Borders), providing access to housing (Habitat For Humanity) or seeing women and girls empowered in places where their voices are usually valued less (CARE) – these partners provide Kutoa with 3 projects that we put before our membership. Each active member gets 1 vote to cast each month. The project with the most votes by the end of the month gets all of the money we’ve collected that month.

Promoting group engagement, Kutoa has developed free lesson plans for educators, talking points for parents and short animated videos to help everyone understand the basics concerning the theme of the month.

The Kutoa movement is only as strong as the number of those involved, so we would invite you and those you know to visit www.kutoa.org and sign-up for a free trial of our movement that is seeing people everywhere help people everywhere, because people everywhere matter.

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