Let your light shine

We each are perfect, profoundly infused with the essence of greatness, to realise our potential is the core of our humanity, the reason for our existence. As sparks of the divine it is our duty to awaken, to tune our conscious minds to the universal awe. To raise our vibration, to release that which no longer serves us, to break free of destructive patterns, to face our fears and our pain, to shed skins, to transform, to grow and to flourish. This is our mission should we choose to accept it.
Sounds intense right?! It is, which is why only the brave undertake such a mission, you are brave, you have already begun and who knows how far you have come and how far there is to go? You meditate, you unify your mind, body and soul with yoga and there is a deep resonance within your soul, a calling – to spread some light and an immense amount of love, you have accepted your mission, congratulations you are awake!

We all set out on this journey with the intention to learn and grow but in truth many forget and get consumed with ‘life’ without really understanding what ‘life’ is. If this happens some will bumble through never really enjoying the richness that surrounds them, some will be more conscious of who they are, where they came from and why they are here and so will be in service for their entire life. For others there will be a rude awakening – this was me!

I was oblivion personified, trapped, asleep, driven by the need to control and get to the end in a way that was fashionable and acceptable to the main stream sleepers. Then my beautiful son, aged 6 was diagnosed with cancer. There is no need to relay the rawness of the pain as it goes without saying but I have to share the richness, inspiration, hope, love and wisdom that he brought to my life. He gently led me by the hand into a whole new world, a world where anything and everything is possible if you change your mind set and have faith and love.

He taught me to believe in myself, to look inside where I found the most amazing gifts, not least my connection to him for eternity. We are all connected but we have to dig deep to find our inner diamonds, scratch them and rub them until they shine like the most amazing stars, so bright it hurts our eyes. It takes a lot of work for I have faced my darkest fears and reached the lowest lows, desperation, fear, pain, anguish and there is probably more to come but I know now that it can all be transformed into the most wonderful gifts. By facing them head on with courage, a huge helping of love, mainly for oneself and a simple shift in perception.

And so when I speak of pain and truth, love and transformation I speak from the heart, the space where my experience has transformed me. This life is truly a wonderful opportunity, without darkness we can never know light and both must co-exist in perfect balance, we must accept and honour our darkness within for it teaches us the truth and power of our light.

And so to the light. I have been travelling, like you, through the universe for all time but we are here and now – in this moment. Through heartbreak and pure love I have been patiently and lovingly guided to embrace some of Mother Earth’s most amazing, naturally powerful vibrations and blend them in absolute harmony to create something so unique and so powerful, infused with wisdom from the beginning of time manifested into a simple candle.Let your light shine

The heart of the Frankie West Candle Collection has been divinely inspired, each element in perfect balance. I have been guided, pushed, prodded and brought to my knees for this simple mission… to anchor some more light to the earth plane, to open hearts and minds and to spread a little love and light with each and every flame.

If you take each element one by one you cannot help but feel the universal forces at work, helping us to transform and be more conscious. Each candle is encased in beautiful hand carved and hand polished selenite crystal. Selenite is one of the most powerful, balancing, harmonising and supportive crystals gifted for guardianship to mankind. The vibration is pure, uplifting and nurturing and it is self-cleansing – your enlightenment is its only mission.

The organic essential oils used in each hand blended candle is a fusion of nature’s finest gifts, each one vibrating in its own powerfully unique way, harmonising and blending with our own vibrations to transform our very being. They too can inspire, uplift, support and enlighten us. Our exclusive blends are intuitively created to work with your own energy and they smell amazing which is an added bonus! The beautiful selenite is seated on an agate slice coaster, the oldest fossil known to man, supportive, protective, grounding and completely striking.

Put all of these beauties together and light the flame…the final calling, for the flame is the eternal soul, your inner light manifested and externalised into our world for us to behold.

So light a candle, meditate, practice yoga, be inspired, grow, flourish and be the love that you are, let your light shine.

Article written by Frankie West

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