How To Perform

• Stand with the feet the distance of the sitting bones and establish a steady connection to the earth. Spread the toes on the right foot and transfer weight onto it, engaging the muscles of that leg for stability while maintaining a micro bend at the knee.

• Bend at the left knee and bring the left heel behind you towards the left buttock. Flex that foot throughout the pose.

• Keep the torso upright and reach behind with the left hand to find the left ankle. Decide which is feels most appropriate for your shoulder: holding the inside or outside of the ankle.

• Lift from below the belly button all the way into the centre of the chest and raise the right arm to the sky. Maintain this lift throughout.

• Keeping the pelvis facing forward, lean forward with the chest while maintaining a steady lift from belly button to clavicle creating an arc in the spine. Balance the spinal arc with a steady pressure of the left foot backwards against the left hand.

• Keep your gaze fixed on a spot in front of you and cultivate balance through slow rhythmic breathing. Hold the pose for 15-30 seconds and release both feet and both arms to a neutral position.

• After experiencing the effects, change sides.


• Strengthens ankles, legs and back muscles.

• Opens the hip flexors, shoulders and front of the body.

• Balance poses support a focused mind.


• Stand facing a wall about a meter away. Follow the steps above and reach the lifted arm to the wall for support.

• Put a chair behind you and lift the ‘back leg’ to the chair to support your balance.


• Proceed with caution if you have low blood pressure.