Low Lunge




Anjaneyasana is named for Anjani, the mother of Hanuman. It is a fitting name for this posture which serves as an excellent preparation for Hanumanasana, the Splits.


• From Downward Facing Dog, step your right foot forwards in between the hands, letting the back knee and top of the back foot rest on the oor.

• Bring your hands to the front knee and sink low in the hips, feeling the stretch on your left front thigh and hip (psoas).

• Raise both arms and extend as you lift your chest and reach back. Face your palms towards each other or even press them together.


• If the back knee is uncomfortable, modify by placing a blanket or cushion underneath it.
• Lessen the pose by keeping your hands on the oor or the front knee and not going as low with the hips.

• Keep your gaze forwards if you have any issues with the neck. • Advance by lifting your back foot and pulling it forwards with the hands to stretch the quadriceps.


• Relieves sciatica.
• Stretches the hips and psoas.
• Strengthens the quadriceps and glutes.


• Heart problems.
• High blood pressure.
• Knee Injuries.

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