Overlooking the flow of the Amstel River in central Amsterdam is the sunny studio of MangalaM yoga and meditation, providing true ‘micro-retreats’ for students amidst their active city life.

In an intimate group setting, personal guidance in the classical systems of Hatha and Raja yoga are given on weekly courses and drop in classes. Regular weekend workshops highlight specific practices, such as Yoga Nidra, the Chakras and the meditations Antar Mouna and Ajapa Jap from the Tantric tradition. Also some of the lesser known practices like Neti (nose cleansing) and Shankprakshalana (intestinal cleansing) are introduced. Each class addresses all levels of our being, the physical, energetic, mental and emotional layers, to achieve a sense of contentment, clarity and strength.

The teachers at MangalaM are both highly certified in their respective fields and have decades of experience in guiding others on the path of yoga. Monica Padma Shakti is a certified Raja yoga teacher incorporating the rich techniques of Hatha yoga and the eightfold path of Patanjali in her classes. She is also involved in guiding new yoga teacher aspirants on a four year Raja teacher education and is well versed in Jnana yoga, the yoga of knowledge.

Matsyendra, originally from Bristol, has been guiding others in yoga and meditation for more than 20 years, teaching from and to the heart, connecting the outer (Bahiranga) yoga of posture, movement and breath to the inner (Antaranga) yoga of concentration and meditation, influenced by his own practice of Kundalini Tantra and Kriya yoga.

They frequently attend retreats with extended periods of silence in Europe, and take pilgrimages to India, most recently to the Maha Kumbha Mela, to return to the source of their being, and the source of yoga.

Amsteldijk 82-2
1074 JA – Amsterdam
[email protected]

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