March issue OUT NOW!

With conditions including anxiety, stress and insomnia on the rise in today’s society, we provide some wonderful exercises to help you master relaxation; and we have the best yoga poses to improve digestion, boost immune health and flush out toxins and get you ready for spring.

We also take a look at the ‘Five Elements in Yoga’ and by understanding these we can tailor our practice and our day-to-day lives to nurture the environment and ourselves; and we also show you how a nutritional detox can provide a myriad of health benefits.

This month’s guest yoga teacher Janet Vella guides us through three poses and a wonderful ‘All About Her’ sequence designed to restore, recalibrated and energise women, and our resident yoga therapy and wellness expert Larah Davis shows how yoga can help alleviate depression.

Plus we pro le Ernest Wood, the ‘early British yogi’; Dr. Libby Weaver explains how we can become more energised and we report on the ash- ram of the spiritual leader Amma.

we hope you enjoy reading the magazine and look forward to meeting with you in April.

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