This posture stretches the entire spine and improves the mobility of the shoulders.
It also compresses and therefore stimulates the digestive system and liver and kidneys. Mentally, Marichyasana A stills the mind by calming the nervous system and inviting us inwards.

From sitting with your legs straight out in front of you (Dandasana), bend your right knee and place the foot on the floor, with the heel directly under the knee so the shin is perpendicular to the ground.

Keep the left leg strong by pressing into the heel of the foot so the thigh contracts grounds into the floor. Now lean the upper body forwards with the right arm on the inside of the bent leg and extend the right arm forwards as you exhale. At the same time lengthen the torso forwards too. Now start to rotate the shoulder and arm inwardly, so the thumb points to the floor.

Try to extend your torso forwards as much as possible and then on an exhalation, sweep the forearm around the outside of the leg. Keep breathing as deeply as possible and with another exhalation, reach the right arm around behind your back. Ideally clasp the left wrist in the right hand or if that is not possible simply hook the fingers.

Keep extending your torso forwards and engage your bandhas by drawing your navel in towards your spine. Also keep the shoulders away from the ears and breathe evenly. Rest your gaze to your left foot, or for more of a stretch across the neck and upper back, tuck your chin in towards your chest. Stay in position for at least 30-seconds, then come up as you inhale. Repeat on the other side for the same length of time.

Practice with caution if you have either asthma or a major back injury.

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