MattMiller-Broga-FeaturedAs a former pro American footballer and super heavyweight bodybuilding champion Matt is definitely not your typical yoga poster boy. But since creating the signature Broga® fitness yoga programme in 2012, he has fast become one of the most disruptive and dynamic forces in the yoga world today. While many yogis discount his drill sergeant style as going against traditional yogic teaching, one thing is certain – he is driving a whole new generation of people to the mat who never would have thought about setting foot in a yoga studio.

Ever since Matt can remember, yoga was never considered part of a professional training regime for an athlete. Then in 2012, he was on the Channel4 fitness series ‘The Fat Fighters’ and was asked to become an ambassador for clothing brand lululemon athletica. It was only then as the first male ambassador for the company in Europe (and the only non-yogi!) that he decided he needed to start doing yoga on a weekly basis as his muscles were desperate for the kind of opening and stretching that yoga provided. So Broga® was born. Matt created a practice geared around the way a man thinks (and for women looking for a tougher challenge of course!) There were lots of classes based around a female sensibility, but Matt felt men needed a form of yoga that they didn’t feel intimidated by from the start. Andat the same time they would need to feel challenged by it. That’s Broga®


It turns out Broga® is no gimmick. The practice combines strength and flexibility without losing touch with core yogic foundations such as pranayama.Each class breaks down into a different body part and builds in intensity so that everyone feels like they are working towards achievable goals in their practice.

Today Broga® has training centres in the UK, Netherlands and Australia with hundreds of classes across Europe and David Lloyd Leisure nationwide.

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