May issue OUT NOW!

Welcome to the May issue of YOGA Magazine.
We have some wonderful yoga workouts for you this month, including an energy sequence and immunity sequence for busy people on the go. These sequences can be practised literally anywhere – all you need is your yoga mat and 15-minutes.

For those looking for a more vigorous routine, American yoga instructor and personal trainer Todd McCullogh, provides a 20-minute High Intensity Training (HIT) regimen of postures and exercises that are guaranteed to elevate your heart rate, burn calories and work the explosive type 2 muscle fibres.

This month’s competition can see one lucky winner transported to Fuerteventura in the stunning Canary Islands for a weeklong Azul yoga and Pilates retreat, which includes over 21 hours of classes, meals and a massage – so make sure you enter online to win this fantastic prize.

And with Easter just around the corner (which means Easter eggs for most of us), we look at the nutritional benefits of everyone’s favourite treat – chocolate – so we can indulge a little without feeling too guilty; and we provide some essential tips to help deepen your meditation practice to enter the quiet space within.

Plus, there’s a wonderful sequence from teacher Meagan McCrary to open and lengthen the side of the body to bring a greater sense of ease; and we take a look at Andhakara yoga alongside the latest products, fashion and beauty treatments.

We hope you enjoy reading the magazine, and we look forward to meeting with you in June.