Meagan McCrary

I found yoga as I was discovering myself for the first time. 23 and recently graduated from university, I was living in Costa Rica when I began taking classes from this beautiful Brazilian woman in an open-air jungle palapa. It was magical. However, when I returned to the States I was miserable and lost. That’s when I started clinging to yoga for dear life.
Like most of us, I never set out to become a yoga teacher. I just loved yoga, and kept craving more. Yoga’s tricky like that, pulling you in little by little until you’re ready to discover it’s vast and endless depth. I even went back to Costa Rica for a three-week teacher training. However, it wasn’t until my first Anusara yoga immersion in 2006 did I realise my calling as a teacher. I fell in love with the intelligent, playful system that emphasises alignment and tantric philosophy, and will forever be grateful to the invaluable education I received over the years.

In 2013 I made the difficult decision to release my Anusara-Inspired license to expand the scope of my studies and teachings. That same year I published my first yoga book, ‘Pick Your Yoga Practice: Exploring and Understanding Different Styles of Yoga’ and now teach a combination of everything I’ve studied with a focus on biomechanics, intelligent sequencing and practical philosophy, with a heavy dose of laughter.

Based in Los Angeles, where I teach at various Equinox Sports Clubs, I’m privileged to work with a variety of clients specialising in yoga therapeutics, postural awareness, pain relief and prenatal yoga. I also write regularly for a number of yoga, health and wellness sites and magazines. Believing yoga begins and ends with self-acceptance, my mission is to help people find more comfort, compassion and clarity on their mats and in their lives.

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