Mermaid Pose

Mermaid Pose

• From either hands and knees or Downward Facing Dog, place the right knee behind right wrist. Draw the right shin to a diagonal toward the left hip.
• Keeping hands planted at shoulder width, begin to bend the left leg in toward the torso. Gently twist toward the left, reaching left hand to take left ankle.
• Place left foot in the crook of the left arm. Reach right arm up and bend it such that right hand catches left hand overhead. If your hands do not reach each other, hold the ends of a yoga strap or a hand towel in each hand. Gently lift the gaze and press the chest forward and up.
• Continue to isometrically hug legs in toward the midline.

 Hold the posture for 5 breaths. 

• Exit the pose by releasing the hands or strap to rest on both hands and extend the left leg straight behind you.
• Return to either hands and knees or Downward Facing Dog and repeat on the opposite side.


• Stretches hip flexors, thighs, chest, back and shoulders.
• Challenges balance and focus.
• Strengthens core and pelvic floor.
• Provides enhanced energy.
• Stimulates root, heart and throat chakras.


• Shoulder, knee, ankle or spinal injuries.
• Maintain a stabilised sacrum by keeping hips level and squared. A folded blanket may be used beneath one or both hips to support tight hip flexors.

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