MERMAID - Advanced

How to Perform

FLYER: From Straddle Throne, slowly release the foot you’d like behind you in Mermaid pose. The base will hold this foot and whilst you keep your shape they will move their supporting foot forward so that there is only contact with their heel. This gives you the rest of their foot to roll your thigh onto as you square your hips and shoulders in the opposite direction. From here you can bend your rear leg to go into a variation of Mermaid pose. We recommend bending your rear knee and drawing the foot toward your upper body. Reach back with your hand and hold the top of your foot. Pause here if you need to. To go further, slowly slide your rear foot up your inner forearm and into the crook of your rear elbow.

BASE: From Straddle Throne hold onto the outside of the foot of the leg the flyer has released. The flyer will give you tension to enable you to reposition your supporting foot that side by sliding it forward so that there is only contact with your heel. This gives your flyer the rest of your foot to roll their thigh onto as they square their hips and shoulders by turning them approximately 90-degrees in the opposite direction. Once you have moved your foot forward you release the foot from your hand so that the flyer can then roll her thigh onto your foot as described.


Variations of Mermaid pose/King Pigeon pose.


A third person (spotter) is generally recommended to keep things safe, standing behind.


Come out of the pose or adjust foot placement if there is any discomfort.

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