July 19, 2024
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Words: Jessica Shand

It doesn’t have to be all or nothing in January and you don’t have to go into the new year feeling like you need to ‘detox’ or start all over again. Balance is key always and I’m here to remind you that it’s possible to create a balanced diet and lifestyle without the guilt of going into January feeling like you must start all over again to ‘make up for’ what you ate and drank in December.


Life is for living AND supporting your health do both and enjoy both and this January and make a commitment to yourself to start the year as you mean to go on by swapping restrictive new year’s resolutions focused on what you ‘can’t’ or ‘shouldn’t eat’ (which ultimately leads to a negative relationship with food and toxic eating habits which your hormones & gut will NOT thank you for) for positive, mindful intentions to help steer you into a nourishing way of eating that will help you feel great from the inside-out and will last all year long.


Gut Health Intention = Aim to eat 30 different plant varieties each week, this will be one of the easiest & quickest ways to better your health. The more colour on your plate from plants, the more fibre you’ll be feeding your gut bugs with and the more nutrients you’ll be supplying your internal system with. Every single person no matter their diet can optimise their health by ADDING more plants, so change the narrative and put your energy into the goodness you can include in your meal not exclude. Aside from a thriving gut microbiome, more plants will promote a balanced blood sugar level (which will help prevent sugar cravings) and will support harmonious hormones as more plants in your diet will aid your body’s detoxification pathways and will encourage proper excretion of unwanted hormone build up…(this has a direct link to clearer skin which is a bonus!). Remember plants include veg, fruit, wholegrains, lentils, beans, nuts, seeds & herbs and I promise is so much easier to reach than it sounds!

Increase Omega 3 Intention = Omega 3 is your body’s best friend and will support everything from your cognitive health, eye health to the health of your skin and hair. Omega 3 is found in oily fish such as salmon & mackeral, nuts such as walnuts, chia seeds and olive oil so make it your mission to increase omega 3’s in your daily diet and you reap the benefits.

Prioritise Hydration Intention = You know you should drink more, but make this a non-negotiable part of your diet. Better hydration is something we can all improve on and your mind & body will 1000% be grateful for. So the from the moment you wake up, rehydrate by treating your body to a large glass of filtered water (we lose water during our sleep) and this will start your day as you mean to go on by showing your body that looking after it is your number one priority. Good hydration is key to better health. Keep an eye on the colour of your urine, the paler it is the more hydrated you are. Also watch out for dry lips as this is a dehydration warning. Aim for approx 2 litres per day. Hydration includes filtered water, herbal teas and freshly made fruit +veg juices.

Be Savvy with your Supplements Intention = food ALWAYS comes first but I do believe in targeted quality supplementation to help bridge potential nutrient gaps as this is increasingly challenging to get from diet alone (thanks to farming techniques, soil quality / pesticides etc). Don’t be fooled as supplements are not the magic quick fix answer to better health and supplements should be personalised to your own health goals and requirements so I recommend working with your nutritionist/ GP to formulate a supplementation plan if you have specific health conditions.

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