Miranda Gates

I was drawn to yoga after leaving school where I enjoyed dance and ballet and had discovered the relationship between body and movement. At first I practiced yoga as a form of exercise, as many do initially. However, a profound change in my way of thinking and feeling arose from this regular practice. Already a vegetarian, I found the philosophy of yoga (the belief in interconnectedness and the guidance to care for all beings) easy to connect with. Yoga naturally guided me to a healthier way of living and thinking and so I decided to train to become a yoga teacher; first in Byron Bay with Yoga Arts and later with Sitiram and Birthlight in Pre-natal, Post-natal and baby yoga. Most recently I have trained in New York with Jivamukti, which opened my eyes to the effects of the meat and dairy industry and eating a vegan diet is now an important part of my spirituality.
To me the principal purpose of teaching yoga is to bring happiness, peace and balance into people’s lives. There needs to be peace within, before there is peace without. Different people access this in different ways: for some it is through gentle yoga with an emphasis on breathing and relaxation and for others it is through a dynamic practice. Often it is a mixture of the two. This is the primary reason I have chosen to teach yoga privately as I believe that every class should be tailored to the individual depending on their mood, energy levels and emotions. I therefore draw from different traditions, sometimes borrowing from Pilates or body conditioning if appropriate for the student. I am also very interested in nutrition and am studying to become a naturopath. Alongside yoga I enjoy Pilates, walking my dog in the park and time spent with family and friends.


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