New Issue June 2021

Dear YOGA Magazine readers,

We are continually bombarded with so many ways to keep our weight in check and lead a healthy lifestyle. Some of those are beneficial and work well while others have no positive results.

In this issue, we talk about the power of healthy habits that you can opt for to rejuvenate both your body and mind. Registered dietitian and weight loss expert, Lauren Hubert, emphasizes the effectiveness of making small changes over time to lose excess weight – and keep them o”! Discover how yoga and detox helps the body move to equilibrium while simultaneously resting the digestive system in Alana Panton’s article ‘Detox/Yoga and Weight Loss’ and a 60-day juice programme by Shiela Brown.

Savina Atai presents Tao Face yoga, the switch that helps reach and maintain your ideal weight, balance your appetite and reduce cellulite. While some sugar are important for our health, too much of it can lead to long-term health problems like obesity, blood sugar problems and diabetes. Keith Squires shares his advice to go easy on artificial refined sugar and focus more on natural ones.

Angela Cheveau shares her personal story on how yoga helped her overcome an eating disorder – very common but little understood. This month, Dr. Keith Lowenstein and Lyndsey Anderson explore the legacy of Ganesh Baba, the man who revived Kriya yoga and Nicky Sutton provides step-by-step instructions to perform !ve exercises to help you connect with your true self. Learn about the benefits of preparing the mind and body prior to yoga practice to enhance your progress in Gérard Sunnen’s ‘Autogenic Training as a Preparation for Yoga Practice’.

Our readers will no doubt !nd ‘Unravelling Chakras’ and ‘How to Get Started with Mantras’ very informative. We are pleased to share inspiring stories from Rola Tassabehji and James de Albuquerque to showcase that yoga can be practiced successfully at any age. As lockdown is easing, Eva Kristlova provides an overview of

a whole year spent on teaching yoga through Zoom  while Julia Grässer shows us how to practice yoga in the office to acquire higher concentration levels and
efficiency at work.

Also check out our what’s hot pages which feature  a range of products that are organic, ethical and instrumental. And for all those practitioners who love
yoga like we do, there’s plenty more to explore – so read on

Say yes to a healthy body and mind!
Yogi Maharaj Dr Malik

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