Teacher of the month: Nina Mel

Nina Mel is the creator of N-Code Yoga Practice, an innovative approach to Hatha yoga based on knowledge of electrophysiology, geomagnetism, neuro-electrodynamics and modern research on intention and its influence on DNA.

N-Code Yoga Practice has earthing and intention as its core and teaches one to get grounded in order to consciously release energy blockages through the asanas piezoelectric effects. It also teaches how to use intention to change DNA patterns and speed up spiritual, psychological and physical development.

Intention encodes and dedicates the practice to a higher purpose, so that yoga becomes a prayer, a form of gratitude, a vector of attention and a spiritual manifestation tool that re-programmes old ways of functioning.

N-Code Yoga Practice is not a style or yoga school it is an approach to yoga practice that can be used by practitioners of any yoga schools. Nina has a Ph.D. in Psychology, and is the author of books including ‘The Book of Asanas: Energy Geometry of the Human Body’, ‘Unknown Chakras’, ‘The Key Method of Mental Transformation’, ‘Lessons of Insider’ and ‘Synthesys’. She is also a world-renowned specialist in the creation of personally tailored yoga programmes Individual Asana Codes.

An Individual Asana Code is a unique, safe and personalised self-practice experience for those who have no time or opportunity to attend yoga studios; who travel often, live abroad, or under- stand that the sacred process of yoga practice is a spiritual discipline that cannot be effectively prac- tised in a group class.

For more information, visit encodeyoga.com OR  facebook.com/yoganinamel