November 2020 issue is OUT NOW!

Dear YOGA Magazine readers,

Children are our future, and in this issue we highlight the work being done by two extraordinary young people: our cover story on British yoga child prodigy Ishwar Sharma, and an interview with Meka Leach, who recently qualified as America’s youngest Bhakti yoga teacher.

At a time when there seems to be so much in the world that is negative and designed to bring us down, it is uplifting and inspiring to read and interact with young people who are fully dedicated to helping others and making the world a better place through their practice and spreading of yoga.

If you’d like to help your own children get started—or continue—with yoga practice, check out Tao Face Yoga for Kids and Teenagers by Savina Atai. This fun, step-by-step guide is full of facial exercises that they will enjoy and benefit from. And Marlene Watson-Tara’s Vegan Tasty Tips For Kids is full of ideas and recipes that will make getting your children to eat healthily that much easier!

On other topics, you might assume an article that combines yoga and quantum physics would be intimidating, but David Richards’ simple and beautiful explanations turn this into a practical, easy, yet eye-opening read.

Whether you’re just starting out in your yoga business or have been at it for many years, you will find Shola Arewa’s article, 7 Keys to Cultivating a Success Mindset, an extremely helpful guide, not only practically—though it is, that too— but also emotionally.

In her important and thoughtful piece, The Journey from Clarity to Embodied Resilience, Melanie C. Klein takes us along on the journey that led to her passion for encouraging and publishing diverse voices in the yoga world.

Heather Mason writes about the studies that have been done which highlight the benefits of yoga as a support to mental health—don’t miss this one. And Niraj Naik continues his in-depth look at the benefits of Pranayama, this time focusing on how it improves our sleep time.

The Man Who Brought Yoga to Millions, by Victor M. Parachin, tells the story of Richard Hittleman, a US based pioneering yoga instructor whose jump to television helped yoga go mainstream. And Yoga Philosophy from the Upanishads by Dr Nitasha Buldeo is a wonderful nugget of wisdom to ponder and meditate on. Top 3 Exercises for Beginner Arm Drills by Hannah Barrett is another practical guide with some great exercises to add to your daily rota.

In Transposition, Tabitha A. Scott shares with us her experiences with solitude, yoga and connection in the remote jungles of Costa Rica. Your circumstances may be different, but I am sure you will relate to what she has written. And finally, we are delighted to highlight the award-winning Yorkshire Centre for Wellbeing, which you can read about in A Mother and Son’s Centre of Excellence in Harrogate.

Our regular columns are here as always, too, so we are confident that in these pages there is something for everyone to enjoy and learn from.

Stay safe! Stay healthy!

Yogi Maharaj Dr Malik