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Every month, we feature carefully curated interviews, yoga philosophy, poses and sequences, and everything that’s important in the world of yoga. In this issue, there’s an exclusive feature on an exciting discipline, Jivamukti Yoga. Founded in 1984, by artist and activist yogis, Sharon Gannon and David Life, Jivamukti Yoga is a path to enlightenment through compassion for all beings. Known for its vigorous, creative asana sequences, Jivamukti is shaped by its unique Five Tenets, which expand the yoga practice into a holistic lifestyle that extends far beyond the mat. From its background to an overview of the distinct facets and benefits from various leaders in Jivamukti yoga, we bring to you an in-depth awareness of this powerful and sophisticated practice.
In tune with the present-day scenario of going digital, the article Finding Yourself Online delves into the struggle and experience of moving into online yoga classes, with the use of the ancient tenets of Yamas and Niyamas from Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras.
Harriet Smith shares a step-by-step mini yoga flow designed to awaken the body, focus the mind and get you ready for the day in The 5-Minute Daily Yoga Routine to Optimise Your Health.
Rohini Moradi, a spiritual teacher, highlights the significance of incorporating meditation and yoga in our everyday routine along with a practical guide to yoga asanas and pranayama exercises. Louise Neicho’s How To Embrace Winter With Yoga I am sure, can inspire you to spend the winter ahead in a refreshing way.
As a yoga retreat planner and guest of many yoga retreats worldwide, Rola Tassabehji in her article How To Retreat, shares insights to help you decide on your next retreat destination. If you are not into participating in a yoga retreat just yet, Sarah Highfield presents Post-lockdown Mood Boosters – a collection of routine reminders and practices that helps reinforce a sense of balance and happiness in your life. Jude Polack explains the essential way of using crystals and the seasons to guide your spiritual and physical journey.
Ayurveda divides the year into six seasons of spring (vasant), summer (grishma), rainy season (varsha ritu),autumn (sharad), winter (hemant), and late winter (shishir). Vani Linda Bretherton provides her understanding of seasonal Ayurvedic health along with a delicious autumn meal plan. Our nutrition section also features an insightful piece by Tim Goodwin on how to add more vegetables into your diet to help you kick off this vegan month of November.
Victor M. Parachin shares an enlightening article highlighting the life and teachings of Dr. Brimrao Ambedkar who embraced and promoted Buddhism as the key to unlock spiritual, social and economic liberation for low caste and out caste Indians. We talked to multi-talented lifestyle guru and singer, Karen Ruimy on her unique yogic and musical journey. You can learn more about her in these pages, along with my continuing columns like Yoga Sutras and Vedic Astrology and much more.
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