Editors Letter

Dear YOGA Magazine readers,

Thank you for reading, buying or browsing through our magazine. Your continued support is welcome, as always.

We are honoured to feature the work of BK Shivani who enjoys a stellar reputation and following on social media
and elsewhere. Her youtube channel alone has amassed a staggering 110 million hits alone. She is a Raja Yoga practitioner and amongst her other great achievements, she was also presented with the highest civilian honour for women, the Nari Shakti (‘Woman Power’) Award in March 2019 to mark International Women’s Day. In this issue she exclusively provides her insightful comments on whether yoga can actually be a 24-hour lifestyle as opposed to a workout.

This month we also had a wonderful opportunity to catch up with another leading yogini, Allie Hill, founder of Yoga Haven (a collection of boutique urban yoga schools).

A Nicholas Cowan shares his thoughts on the parallels between the teachings of yoga philosophy and Christian teachings, mainly in the Gospels. Rachel Park discusses the Business of Yoga and Mike Wakeman looks at Boswellia (Indian Frankincense) and its many health benefits. And we learn more about Gary Carter of Natural Bodies and his pioneering work and research into Myofascial Anatomy and its integration and relevance for practicing Yoga Teachers.

Dan Plev of the London Clinic Harley Street, provides a detailed analysis of alternative treatments for Sciatica and Geeta Sidhu-Robb looks at the subject matter of foods that can help us stay hydrated. Jordanna Levin explores the subject matter of mind-power and how what we think can (literally) create the world around us. What we believe – we manifest. There’s also our regular what’s hot pages, fashion and check out the cute Toe Sox and Tavi Noir designs as well as PERFF Studio whose ethos is sustainable fashion.

Again, thank you for all your letters, emails and feedback and hope to meet again in December.

-Yogi Dr Malik, Editor


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