November Issue OUT NOW!

This month we feature the fascinating teacher Vanda Scaravelli, who took a Taoist approach to yoga and teaching, and we look at her unique style of breathwork and working with the spine.
We also look at Tibetan medicine and its an- cient wisdom to heal modern su ering, and to help you unlock your body there are ve things to know about exibility to improve your yoga journey.

This month’s guest teacher, Zoe Goodyear talks us through Anjaneyasana (Low Lunge), Hanu- manasana (Splits), Kroukachasana (Saw pose) and an advanced Balancing Sequence that help strengthen and tone the legs, improve balance and coordination as well as working the mind.

Plus there are tips for making the most of your time and how to feng shui your bedroom for a better nights sleep, and rising US ‘health star’ Annie Lawless provides essential nutritional ad- vice on the essential foods you should be eating to boost your complexion and help clear skin.

We hope you enjoy reading the magazine, and look forward to meeting up with you next month.

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