November Issue Out NOW!

This month, the accrediting body Yoga Alliance Professionals, formerly known as Yoga Alliance UK, reveals the changes behind its teacher training courses to help raise the standards of yoga teachers in the country.
We also take a look at how to connect to the autumn season to find power, feel balanced and improve harmony to reduce any emotional unsettling or disconnected flow in our energy.

There’s also an in-depth feature on the importance of correct breathing, with techniques to establish your breathing patterns, alongside some wonderful exercises to improve conscious breathing to help you relax and boost your energy.

This month’s guest teacher, Sophie Whippy leads us through Supta Baddha Konasana (Reclining Bound Angle pose), Prasaritha Padottanasana (Wide-Legged Forward Fold), Salamba Sirsasana (Supported Headstand); and an invigorating sequence that’s guaranteed to fire up your core muscles.

We also report on the Lanserhof Tegernsee health clinic, and we conclude our philosophical look at the relationship secrets of the chakras and we examine mindful living for engaged conscious ageing.

We hope you enjoy reading the magazine and look forward to meeting up with you in December.

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