Ali GillingLondon based yoga teacher Ali Gilling has found a new lease of life after studying nutritional healing to enhance her career in holistic health and wellbeing. Ali was just 40 when she started experiencing intense pain in her joints. She put it down to an injury caused by intensive Ashtanga Yoga but it turned out to be the early onset of arthritis.

Having taught yoga for more than 18 years, the news came as a devastating blow. She was told that she would need a hip replacement and that her future as a yoga teacher could be in jeopardy. Unsure about what to do next, she heard about The Nutritional Healing Foundation, which runs diploma courses in nutritional therapy. She was adamant that she wanted to continue working in health and wellbeing so training to be a nutritional therapist seemed like a natural progression.

She said: “As someone who has always been so fit and active, being told I needed a hip replacement at the age of 40 was absolutely devastating. A friend had told me about the courses run by The Nutritional Healing Foundation so I decided to give it a go and the course was totally right for me. It has transformed my life without the need for a hip replacement.

“I always thought I had a fairly healthy diet but once I started studying nutrition I began to cut out snacks and incorporate healthier foods into my diet. I started juicing and detoxing and I also increased my consumption of water and good oils. It has made a massive difference in managing the pain I was experiencing. I have discovered first hand just how powerful nutrition can be.”

While yoga is her first love and she still continues to teach in London and on yoga retreats abroad, Ali has plans to help others to manage their own challenges by opening a Nutritional Healing practice. She said: “Studying nutritional healing has given me the knowledge to manage my own health issues, which has in turn allowed me to continue to teach yoga.

“I really believe that yoga and nutritional healing go hand in hand and I am pleased that I have been able to add another string to my bow by completing a diploma course with The Nutritional Healing Foundation. During the course, I picked up lots of techniques to help my own battle with pain and now I want to help others to discover the power of nutrition as well as the benefits of yoga.”

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