Editors Letter

Dear YOGA Magazine readers,

It’s always a pleasure to introduce the magazine and we are appreciative of your ongoing support. We have a stellar line-up of contributors – providing tips and advice on yoga and lifestyle.

Andy Lavelle carried out an exclusive interview with Chemmy Alcott, a 4 x Winter Olympian, a career high ranking of 8th in the World, 7 x British National Overall Champion and the only British female skier to ever win a run in a World Cup. Chemmy discussed her pregnancies, stem cell therapy, her long time yoga practice and so much more. We also speak to A?List Supermodel & actress, Gia Skova who credits her daily yoga practice, as critical to her success.

Keith Squires investigates ‘Ahimsa’ (respect for ‘Life’ or non-harm) and its practical application in day to day life. Dr Steph Wenban, Vet provides advice on what to consider before buying a ‘puppy/dog,’ as many families don’t give the decision proper thought. It’s estimated that 130,000 dogs end up in rehoming charities every year. If you are trying to give up ‘sugar’ to improve your overall health but have a sweet tooth, there are other substitutes that you can use that are not so unhealthy. Dr Marilyn Glenville (Cantab) provides essential tips on how you can still enjoy the ‘sweet’ taste, but using natural alternatives. Allison Case describes the powerful impact that gemstones can have on your energy levels & the direct impact they have on one’s mental and physical wellbeing. She creates Flourish Intentional Jewellery as well as uses other ‘tools’ such as malas & meditation ? to empower people to manifest their heart’s desires. Her work is exquisite & made with ‘love.’

Good ‘quality’ sleep is priceless & essential to overall good health. It’s worth paying attention to this activity. Nutritionist to A?list Hollywood Stars, Geeta Siddhu?Robb provides expert advice on what to eat & drink, to get a perfect night’s sleep. And Sydney Resner provides a step by step meditation practice – to heal a ‘broken’ heart & reclaim the ‘energy’ that you gave away. We also had the privilege of catching up with Gary Stroutsos, flute master & cultural storyteller carrying the legacy of his mentor, Paul Horn who taught John Lennon how to lay the ‘alto’ & also collaborated with the great Jazz legend, Miles Davies. Julie Langton?Smith provides an overview of testing for food insensitivities using bioresonance, a revolutionary vibrational energy testing device. We’ve also got expert Ayurveda & Naturopathy advice for anyone who suffers from migraines or knows anyone who does. We met Eva Kristolova (BWY) and learnt about her life?long work. In this issue Eva also reveals some truly beautiful hideaways in the English countryside where you can experience the practice of yoga in truly beautiful & peaceful surroundings. You’ll discover Beach Yoga, Alpaca Yoga, Sunset Yoga, Sup Yoga (paddle? boarding with yoga) & Yurt Yoga.

There is so much more packed in this issue such as Lora Cheadle’s overview of Yogalesque, (yoga meets burlesque), an exciting new hybrid, fashion, lifestyle and well?being.

Best wishes and in peace and please do join us again next month.

-Yogi Dr Malik, Editor

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