‘One Earth, One Humanity, One Future’

Festival calls for Planetary Wellbeing‘One Earth, One Humanity, One Future’

Thursday 22nd September – Sunday 25th September
At Worcester College, Oxford


The One Earth, One Humanity, One Future festival
– which is set to stir hearts, minds and souls at Worcester College, Oxford next month, from 22nd – 25th September – will bring together leaders from the world’s green, social justice and spiritual movements to explore ways to create a more harmonious, healthy and sustainable world.

In celebration of 50 years of Resurgence (now called Resurgence & Ecologist) – the UK’s trailblazing magazine for environmental, humanitarian and spiritual education – the festival will share cutting-edge ideas and  insights for the three essential tenets of Wellbeing – care for ourselves, care for others, and care for the planet.

Greg Neale, Editor in Chief of Resurgence & Ecologist, says: “The world has so many green organisations doing fantastic work to protect our environment; so many great social justice NGOs working to create a fairer society; and innumerable spiritual and natural health groups working to improve our Wellbeing.  At Resurgence’s 50th anniversary festival we are assembling leaders from these three sectors to share their combined wisdom and build a strong united movement. Together we will consider how individuals, communities and the environment can be transformed to create a healthier, more resilient planet.”

Speakers presenting at the festival – which is being held in partnership with Oxfam, UPLIFT and Network of Wellbeing – include US author Dr Bruce Lipton; film maker Lord David Puttnam; Helen Browning, CEO of the Soil Association; environmentalist Jonathon Porritt; Indian activist Vandana Shiva; Craig Bennett, CEO of Friends of the Earth; John Sauven, CEO of Green Peace; Dame Fiona Reynolds; US author of The Tao of Physics, Fritjoj Capra; Green Party MP Caroline Lucas; and children’s laureate Michael Morpurgo, whose charity Farms for City Children aims to connect urban children with the remedial powers of nature.

Highlights at the event include a video address by HRH The Prince of Wales entitled ‘Quest for Harmony’; a performance by US rapper and spiritual activist Prince Ea; a talk by Professor Mark Williams sharing the benefits of mindfulness practice; a presentation by author Paula Byrne expounding the healing benefits of nature poetry; a discussion between Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and Satish Kumar about reconnecting with nature and quality foods; and a talk by Rowan Williams, former Archbishop of Canterbury, titled ‘World as Communication’.

Rowan Williams

The many lively talks and panel discussions at the event will be interspersed with spirited world dance and song performances, while the beautiful gardens of Worcester College will provide a tranquil haven to discuss and reflect on the ideas and inspiration of the programme.

Rowan Williams says:  “We need more urgently than ever a space for discussion where political, ecological and spiritual issues can be discussed together.  So much damage is done in our culture by keeping such questions apart – when what we most need to work on is a properly integral vision of what human well-being is.  Resurgence has provided that space for half a century and it is as welcome and important as it ever was.  I hope this anniversary will mark a new level of public awareness of its agenda, an agenda that is so crucial for our human future.”

For further information about the One Earth One Humanity One Future festival, visit: www.resurgence.org/R50event

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