I love this pose as it showcases your ability to use the connections experienced in the simple poses in a position that can result in expressions of “Oh my God!”- particularly when exhibited in London underground stations! Find the ease, joy and stillness in this pose – it’s about connection and relationship with your body and ground. When the foundation is setup you shall find this easy!
How to Perform

• Begin in Dolphin pose, keeping your elbows shoulder-distance apart and the wrists in line with your elbows.
• Draw your shoulders into their sockets and integrate them into the midline of the back.
• Align one hand with the opposite elbow and lift your knees off the floor.
• Walk your feet in as close to your wrists as possible.
• Extend one leg pushing through the sole and push down through the forearm and hand on the ground. These different forces shall result in the position.
• Beam with confidence!
• If this position is new to you, have a friend standing behind you in case excitement takes over and you kick your extending leg. If it feels tricky just lift one leg.


• Feel your super creativity, fun and strength.
• Heart above the head!
• Love your strong, open, and aligned shoulders.


• Back and shoulder injuries.
• High blood pressure or menstruation.
• If your shoulders are tight, work on opening the shoulder girdle with other postures including Downward Dog.


Come on to the fingertips of the hand on the floor and twist your legs, so now this is an inversion and a twist!


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