One Legged, Forward Fold Twist

Advanced - Balancing Hip Stretch Twist


• Begin from Tadasana with feet hip distance apart and bend the left knee into the chest, flexing the foot and cross the left ankle over the right thigh.

• Placing hands on hips, start to bend the right knee forwards and hinge forwards from the hip creases to sit into a one-legged chair pose.

• Lengthen the tailbone and keep the sternum lifted as you breathe into the left hip, begin to deepen by drawing your elbows onto left thigh and foot.

• Inhale and lengthen spine forwards, exhale and twist to the right connecting the left elbow to the sole of the left foot.

• Spread the arms out drawing the left fingers down and the right fingertips up to the sky.

• Create a lever between the left elbow and foot to twist the spine right with each out-breath. Keep gaze down or turn the head to gaze up and back.


• Opens the hips.
• Helps balance.
• Strengthens the ankles, thighs and calves.
• Twist provides detoxifying benefits.
• Improves digestion.
• Relieves back pain.
• Relieves stress.


• Stay in the twist without the arms extended but instead bringing our hands to prayer and keeping your gaze down.
• If working to extending the arms, bring the left fingers onto a raised block next to the right foot.