How To Perform 
• Start in Downward Facing Dog and slowly bring the right knee in towards the nose. Place it on the floor behind the right hand and release the left knee to the floor. The right shin may angle back towards the left hip or be more parallel to the front of your mat depending on flexibility.
• Square the hips towards the front of the mat.
• Make sure the top of the left foot presses down firmly into the mat.
• Bend the left knee, and with an exhalation reach back for the left foot with your right hand.
• Take a few breaths and work on keeping your shoulders square to the front of the room.
•  Lift your ribcage up, away from your hips. Exhale and reach the left hand to meet the right hand on the left foot.
• Tilt your head back to rest against the left foot. Push your chest forward and breathe slowly.
• To exit the pose, release the grip of the hands from the foot, one at a time, place the palms on the floor, straighten the left leg and bring it to the front of the mat to rest.
• Cross your legs in front of you, shift your weight forward and move back in Downward facing dog. Repeat on the other side.


• Stretches the thighs, groins, back and psoas.
• Opens the chest and shoulders.
• Energises the body and relieves anxiety.


• Recent or chronic knee, ankle, or sacroiliac injury.
• Pregnancy (Sleeping Pigeon variation instead.)


• If your hips are tight, or you suffer of one of the injuries listed above perform Sleeping Pigeon variation.
• Place a folded blanket or yoga block under the hip of your front leg for extra support.
• Bring your front shin as parallel to the front edge of your mat as possible.
• Your front shin might angle back toward the hip of your opposite leg

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