One Legged Pose Of The Sage Galava



• Sometimes called ‘Flying Crow’, this is an intense arm balance, that combines aspects of hip opening, abdominal awareness and strength. Resist the temptation to take yourself too seriously, instead cultivate a sense of lightness and freedom as you take flight.

• Take Utkatasana and place the hands onto the hips. Shift the weight over into the left leg lifting the right leg up. Cross the right ankle over to just above the opposite knee, keeping the foot flexed to ensure the integrity of the ankle joint.

• Inhale feeling the tailbone lengthen away from the body and allow the lower belly to draw in and up.

• Exhale and pivot forward from the hips, releasing the hands to the floor and plant them shoulder width distance apart with the fingers spread wide. Bend the left knee, coming up on to the tiptoes of the left foot.

• Draw the shoulder blades down on to the back and firm in the muscles of the upper arms. Hook your right foot around the left upper arm and take the right knee to the right upper arm.

• Think Chaturanga arms as you lean forwards, root down through the hands and draw the lower belly in and up. Keep the back knee bent as you begin to draw the foot off the floor. When you can remain here, inhale moving into our example with the back leg straight. Keep the gaze lifted throughout, being mindful of compression in the back of the neck.

• To release, bend the extended leg knee back in and bring the foot back down. Bring hands back to the hips and keeping a soft bend in the left knee, inhale to stand, release the right ankle and repeat on the other side.

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