One Step at a time

One Step at a Time Charitable Foundation is a charity founded by Max Chandra who aims to raise funds for a number of Indian organisations and community projects, by undertaking a self-funded, epic journey around India on foot.Max plans to walk through every state of India, 20,000km, 28 states, over a 3-year period. During this time he will support a number of existing charities that operate within the states he will walk through. The aim is to aid any issue or situation that comes across along the way at grass root level. From building a well, providing clothing, food, education, medical supplies and so on, the key element of this project being to discover India, its people, social issues, as well as support local communities and hopefully make a difference at a global level by raising awareness and funds for those who need it most.
The aim of the One Step at a Time Charitable Foundation is to offer an environmentally conscious place of health, knowledge and spirituality by developing eco-friendly Life Centres that encourage fitness and health for all ages, offer youth education on the global issues that affect India’s economy and ecosystem, and to offer practical and spiritual alternatives for addressing those issues.
The aim is also to lead the way in environmental issues such as the recycling of commercially disposable items and thus promote the use of non-disposable items, provide vaccinations and primary health facilities in general for children; offer training for the unskilled persons of India by way of functional workshops that use organic methods and traditional techniques; provide hospice care for those and support for families of those that are entering into the final stages of an incurable disease with a sense of respect and dignity. It will function independently and sustainably through the research and implementation of solar power, water catchment, permaculture and the like.
You can support the charity online at or through our first active project, Walk on the Wild Side