Operation Shanti

Operation Shanti, found in 2004, is a charity based in San Francisco and Mysore, India, with a mission to directly improve the lives of exploited, at-risk, destitute children and

the forgotten, suffering elderly, enabling them to become ‘beacons of light’ and share the same gifts of peace, goodwill, and generosity with others for the rest of their lifetimes.

We help the poorest and neediest children and elderly, and the forgotten destitute, with the basic human needs: food, shelter, medical services and educational assistance. As we believe that every human can, and should stand on their own two feet, we are there to help the destitute begin to help themselves.

 Our projects operate in Mysore, India. Project Home is our children’s home that supports 41 former street and slum children. At Karunya Mane, they get everything they need for a happy and healthy childhood. Project Food provides monthly care packages to HIV+ children orphaned by the condition, and who now live with a grandparent or relative who is too poor to care for another child. Project Street provides assistance to our mothers who work on the street, including food, medicine, and housing.

We believe that every child should have the opportunity to reach his or her full potential, and most of all, to enjoy a happy and productive childhood.

To find out more and for ways of getting involved, visit operation-shanti.org

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