PEACOCK POSE – Mayurasana

3 Advanced PEACOCK modification
This is a great pose to work towards as you build up strength in your core and arms. We all have different limb lengths so play around with where you position your arms, and which direction to face your hands so you can make the pose work for you.


Begin kneeling and press your hands into the floor just in front of your knees with your elbows slightly bent and your wrists together. You can have your fingers facing forwards or back towards your knees depending on your wrist flexibility.

Squeeze your forearms together and bend your elbows to a right angle.

Walk your knees to the outside of your hands, firm your belly and lean forwards so your elbows are beneath your belly button and your torso is resting on your upper arms.

Transfer the weight from your knees into your hands and lengthen your legs out behind you.

Firm your bottom, squeeze your knees together and look at the floor just ahead of you.

You can bring your head to the floor if you need to and lift it off once your legs are in position.

Hold for 5-10 breaths and lower back down to your knees slowly.


• Strengthens the abdominals, shoulders, back and wrists.
• Builds body awareness.
• Stimulates digestive organs.


Some people find it easier to hold a Peacock pose with wide legs to begin with as it can be easier to balance the weight of your legs.


Avoid this pose if you are pregnant or have any abdominal, wrist or shoulder issues.

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