Peacock Pose




1 Begin by coming onto your hands and knees position

2 Sitting on your heels, place your hands backwards with your fingers facing towards your knees.

3 As your slowly bring your head down towards the mat begin to bend your elbows back pressing the elbows into the lower most part of the abdomen. * You may need to readjust the elbow placement sliding them lower down, once your head is the mat.

4 Placing 95 percent of your weight on the elbows and 5 percent on the head, begin to step one foot back at a time keeping the toes curled under. KEEP YOUR HEAD DOWN ON THE MAT AND BREATHE. Rest here by dropping the knees down or continue to step 5.

5 Lift your head off the mat keeping the toes curled under and breathe.

6 Lastly, lift the head and chest off the mat. Keep the legs fully active with the toes pointed and together and do not forget to breathe. Hold for 10 seconds, and slowly increase the time as you become more comfortable with the pose.

7 Lower your feet and head onto the mat and bend your knees lifting your abdomen off your elbows.

*The Key to lifting feet and head off the floor is the proper placement of the elbows. The closer you can bring your elbows to the lowest central part of the body, the easier it will be to float your feet off the ground. Focus on keeping the elbows together since there is a tendency for the elbows to separate.

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