Peter Sterios

Yoga came to me by accident – literally. Never could I have imagined the influence it would have on my life 38 years later. Although I grew up in California in the 60’s, I was a long way from the culture of those times. I was not inclined to think of anything beyond family and athletics. By 19, I had numerous sport-related injuries. With little relief from Western medicine, I began searching for alternatives. During my 2nd year at university, I happened to pass by a recreational centre room full of woman doing something strange, and for a reason not entirely clear to me, walked in and signed up.
My first experience was not pleasant, but it hooked me. I attended classes regularly but more as a ‘workout junkie’, jumping around to different teachers. After moving to New Zealand in the 80’s to play rugby, I met Zhander Remete, whom I would study with for the next 20 years. He was a former martial artist and soldier – a very masculine man, and I found this refreshing. All of my previous teachers had been bendy young women.

Slowly my life transformed and many of the causes of imbalance in me, physically and psychologically, dropped away. This process also affected me spiritually – I began to see life with a different set of lenses. I became a different person. And once I began teaching this transformation

And then the unexpected day came when my teacher sent me off – his exact words were “It’s time to get off the breast!” Not an easy thing to hear, but a necessary one I think, for any serious student to come to – a place of self-responsibility, creativity, and self-reflection. I have deep gratitude for the role my teacher played in my life and the gift when he said goodbye!

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