Pippa Recherson



I started practising yoga when I was at university studying fashion, mainly as part of a workout regime. A few years later I found myself working for L’Oreal, questioning the ever-mounting pressure of an industry focused on external appearance. When I was in my early teens I developed body dysmorphia, which had a significant impact on my life. The fashion industry amplified this internal struggle and so I decided I had to put my wellbeing at the centre of my life.

The fashion industry amplified this internal  struggle and so I decided I had to put my wellbeing at the centre of my life. I committed to a regular practice  and eventually completed my teacher training  at Triyoga, returning on the next intake as a mentor.

During this 4-year process I worked  one-to-one weekly with my teacher Kate Ellis who I continue to work with today. Working one-to-one was a life-changing
process for me and I now specialise in working in this way. The therapeutic nature of this work led me to study Embodied Relational Therapy, a form of body psychotherapy developed by Nick Totton, which greatly influences my practice both on and o! the mat. Working one-to-one gives us the capacity to honour our individuality and unique structure, to deeply connect with ourselves and our bodies, something that revolutionised the way I think and feel. It’s this that inspires me to teach. I hope to guide others to experience their own capacity for self-awareness and process. I recently launched the girlness project, an initiative that supports young girls and women develop a healthy relationship with body and self. I understand that the body can be a difficult place to call home and my hope is that girlness will form a community where young girls can express themselves and feel rooted in their being. I work in schools, studios and one-to-one, and it is the greatest privilege to support and empower our next generation
of women.

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Photography by Tom Lancaster
Location: Union Station Yoga Studio,