The Prison Phoenix Trust believe that everyone deserves a fresh start. We try to help prisoners towards that start by providing them with the materials they need to set up a daily practice of yoga and meditation.

“For the first time I’m looking at the bigger picture. What did I really believe my future held for my fam-ily and those around me? I have never questioned my lifestyle before, never said ‘Is this the last time?’ I won’t be back. This isn’t the life for me. Yoga has made me decide that it’s time to give something back after years of taking from the world around me. It feels good.” A PRISONER, HMP BRISTOL

We help prisoners by:
• Training qualified yoga teachers for prison and establish-ing weekly classes for prisoners and staff. We have classes in over half of British and Irish prisons.
• Sending books and CDs to prisoners who request them. In 2010 we sent 5100 of these.
• Offering personal correspondence with prisoners about their meditation and yoga practice.
• Editing a quarterly newsletter mainly written by prisoners.

People around the world go to retreats, in conditions not unlike a prison, to find out who they really are. Though the people we work with have not chosen their circum-stances, the Prison Phoenix Trust try to help them use their situation for real rehabilitation.

“I feel like a different person. I wish I had known about this when I was on the outside. Now I can honestly say I will never come to prison again.” A PRISONER, HMP WEALSTUN

The work of the Trust is entirely dependent on the gen-erosity of those who want to give people a chance to change. If you can help with a contribution to our work, we would be most grateful. Even a small dona-tion makes a big difference. If you would like to do-nate to the Prison Phoenix Trust or find another way to become a part of our work, please visit www.theppt.org.uk or write to us at The Prison Phoenix Trust, PO Box 328, Oxford OX2 7HF.

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