February 2018


Main Highlights

Dear Yoga Magazine readers,
Welcome to the February issue of Yoga Magazine.
When we think of February we often automatically associate ideas of love, Valentine’s Day, relationships and romantic dinners, yet some of us may be experiencing a painful breakup. So we have wonderful yogic tips for dealing with heartbreak to get you on the road to healing, and if that wasn’t enough, we also show you 14 ways to fall in love with life that’s suitable for everyone – despite your current relationship status!

I also focus on one of my favourite pranayama exercises – Kapalbhati – an ancient cleaning technique which involves short and forceful inhalations and exhalations and has numerous health bene ts, and we take a closer look at asana and the prana vayus.

This month’s guest teacher, Jo Ozden, guides us through three poses for differing levels of ability, before a delightful sequence that will ignite feelings of self-love, courage and freedom, and we pro le Theos Bernard, a student of Tibetan Bud- dhism and a true yoga pioneer.

Plus we take a look at the Scandinavian yoga and wellbeing scene in Sweden and Denmark; Larah Davis shows how yoga therapy can help with anxiety and we look at when a stretch is not a stretch.

Yogi Malik