January 2019


Main Highlights

Welcome to the New Year and I hope that you enjoy reading YOGA Magazine.

We are delighted to start 2019 with a magazine packed with informative and interesting features, tips and plenty of yoga, both practical and theoretical. In the coming months YOGA Magazine will cover even more yoga articles and ways in which you can practically apply it into your day-to-day life.

If you are new to yoga or thinking of starting a class but are unsure of what type of yoga to practise, then have a look at our feature on ‘What you need to know’. You’ll also love our Teacher of the Month section. Carlos Alberto Buitargo Santamaria is our cool Columbian yoga teacher who provides an energising Mandala yoga workout to help kick-start your New Year – enjoy!

The feature about Dipa Ma teaches an important but often overlooked lesson, that we must practise self-love because otherwise we cannot really progress in our life or be successful in anything.

This month we offer you an exclusive Yoga Detox for the New Year, featuring postures that twist, bend and invert the body to help you get toned and to improve your mind and body. Yoga is a tried and tested therapy for draining toxins out of your body. The results can be phenomenal – try it and experience it first hand – don’t just take our word for it.

If you are thinking of changing your diet or eating habits or even to just shift some post Xmas festive bulge, then we can help. So why not start the New Year by focussing on what you eat and drink?

Check out our feature on ‘Raw Food diet tips’. Jamie Lloyd an award-winning fitness professional provides you in-depth advice.

Hopefully, everything you wanted to know about the benefits of a raw food diet are covered.

YOGA Magazine also visits Ibiza and explores a Santhosa yoga and dance retreat. And for all those practitioners who love yoga like we do, there’s plenty to think about as we cover a wide range of subjects including the koshas, the yimas and niyamas, mantras and more. If you don’t know what these are – read on.

2019 will be a splendid year for our YOGA Magazine readers. We’ll be covering more in-depth yoga related articles, more practical yoga and featuring exclusive interviews with celebrity practitioners and yoga teachers at the grass roots who are making a difference in the yoga community.


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