• From a tabletop position, pad the hands away from you and take them at with the arms as wide as your mat. Allow your head to relax down between your shoulders resting either the chin or the forehead to the mat.
• The thighbones are perpendicular meaning the knees stack directly under the hips.
• Once in the pose, settle yourself into your breath and allow the front of your chest, namely the front of your heart, to melt towards the foor.
• Feel that you are blossoming your sitting bones upwards to help relieve tension in the lower back. Allow your belly to release and relax.
• You can stay in the pose as long as feels comfortable which might be about five rounds of breath. Equally a Yin approach can be applied to this pose where it is fine to hold it for between three to five minutes.
• Release by gently walking your hands back in underneath the shoulders so you are then back in a tabletop.

• A beautiful heart-opening pose to connect with your Anahata chakra – your heart chakra which can be useful for releasing emotional tension.
• A helpful pose to open up the respiratory system and bring space into the upper body.

• A deep shoulder opener so if you do experience tightness in your shoulder girdle, modify by softening the elbows down onto the mat. You can also place a block under the forehead if it still feels uncomfortable. If your knees are very sensitive you can pad them with a blanket.
• Contraindications would apply to any shoulder or neck injury where this would create too much intense sensation.

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