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To be precise, not a surf board, a paddleboard and I can tell you it’s pretty fantastic!
Already popular in America, Canada and Australia, Jennifer from Pure Yoga Zone recently introduced SUP Yoga to London and she teaches weekly classes in Kew Bridge, Canary Wharf and Paddington Basin.

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It helps if you’ve paddleboarded before but I hadn’t and Jennifer carefully took me through how it would work before starting. We anchored the boards in the middle of the Thames against a backdrop of the beautiful Kew Bridge, before starting our practice. It was pretty wobbly and to start with my focus was mainly on avoiding a murky swim in the Thames.  However, with Jennifer explaining exactly where my weight should be placed on the board I soon gained confidence and got the hang of it. We moved steadily through the asanas and, due to the increased focus on my balance, I could feel my core working to the max.

What’s so amazing about SUP Yoga is that it’s impossible for your mind to wonder as you’re constantly focusing on the postures (anything to avoid falling in the river!) and as a result, you’re very much in the moment of the practice – one of the fundamental aspects of the yogic philosophy.

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With the recent heatwave we’ve had, SUP yoga is ideal but I can’t imagine it’s as fun under grey clouds and drizzle, so make the most of it during the summer months. However, I get the impression it would be worth trying some of the other classes and retreats on offer at Pure Yoga Zone during the rest of the year.

SUP Yoga is not just a gimmick, it really works and I’d thoroughly recommend trying it. Go on, push the boat (board?) out and give it a go!

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