Will Williams Meditation teaches a profound and simple meditation technique that has very empowering effects on those experiencing PTSD, anxiety, depression and other related conditions.

Studies have shown that Vedic meditation reduces symptoms of PTSD by 52% within two-months of learning, which is far more effective than any other known treatment or technique, and is at least twice as effective as other relaxation or meditative techniques at reducing the symptoms of anxiety.

Knowing the profundity of the tool that they teach, the meditation centre is setting up a not-profit organisation called Quiet Minds, dedicated to helping refugees, orphans and other underprivileged people in the developing world who have been tragically displaced from their homes and lands by conflict, famine or ecological disaster.

Following discussions with personnel at the UN headquarters in Geneva, the team at WWM realised the benefits this technique could bring to those who are desperately trying to rebuild their lives spiritually, emotionally and materially.

For every person they teach in the economically developed countries, WWM will teach Vedic meditation to five individuals in need to enable them to achieve sustainable health and wellbeing outcomes. Their mission is to make this practice available to all those who seek it. Those who learn will then be in a position to help cope with the demands of their situation and to start rebuilding their lives, their families and their communities. The team are confident they can transform the lives of individuals and communities very quickly and are currently in dialogue with partner organisations to start initiating this change.

“We feel very privileged to teach a technique that is so easy to practice and yet has such a dramatic impact on people’s lives. We wish to share this in any way we can”, Will Williams, Founder and teacher.

If you have skills to share and wish to help, WWM would love to hear from you.

For more information, visit quietminds.org

Will Williams Meditation are independent teachers of Vedic meditation in London and Brighton, helping individuals achieve balance, harmony and a better quality of life experience with a meditative practice that is easy, confortable and profoundly enjoyable.


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