Rachel Novetsky

I learned that these simple words would change my life. Prior to my first exposure to Yoga, I was a gymnast, dancer and runner. Before my first Power Vinyasa Yoga class I expected a similar intense workout. After ninety minutes I found that yoga indeed was intense but much more than exercise. Yoga is the link between mind and body. Its message is especially important in our stressful lives today. With daily practice, yoga helps me deal with my life challenges and is the ultimate way to strengthen and maintain my body. I devel-oped my unique approach to Power Vinyasa Yoga after years of observing yoga in studios around the world. I chose from the best aspects of traditional yoga poses, pilates, and dance and set my class to an eclectic mix of music that flows through each session. I am inspired by people that exemplify the oneness of Body, Mind and Spirit. I teach my students Ahimsa, which is a practice of non violence to others and oneself. I am a non judgmental resource for infor-mation on nutrition, stress relief and exercise. I found that yoga itself naturally lead me to a balanced vegetarian diet combined with vegan and raw foods. I have a B.A in Psychology a 200 Hour RYT certification and am a member of The Yoga Alliance. I grew up in Southfield, Michigan and have lived in Israel, New York, Miami, and now in London where I founded Anahearta Yoga.


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