Reclining Bound Angle Pose


 (Supta Baddha Konasana)

How to Perform

• Come to lie on your back, draw the soles of your feet to touch, let the knees relax. The heels can be as close to the groin as is comfortable on your knees and hips.

• Let your lumbar spine soften towards the floor without trying to straighten the spine keeping the natural curvature.

• Place your palms face down onto your lower two ribs allowing the elbows to melt towards the mat, and draw the shoulders down away from the ears keeping the neck long and relaxed.

• Slightly tuck the chin, keeping the cervical spine long.


• Place a strap around your waist and hook it around the tops of the feet (once soles are touching).

• Place a bolster at your sacrum and lower yourself down onto it so it runs in the same direction as your spine.

• Blocks can be used under each knee to ease the stretch of the groin.


• Opens the hips and groin naturally without force.

• Improves circulation and stimulates the heart.

• Helps relive symptoms of mild depression and stress.

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