RETHINK MENTAL ILLNESS – Hope and help for people with mental illness


Rethink Mental Illness is a national charity that believes a better life is possible for people with mental illness. We were formed 40 years ago, when journalist John Pringle wrote an article in The Times about his experiences of caring for his son, who had schizophrenia. It touched a nerve with many people who were going through the same thing. John started the National Schizophrenia Fellowship, which later changed to Rethink Mental Illness.

Today, we support around 60,000 people each year who are affected by a wide range of mental health problems including schizophrenia, depression and bipolar disorder. We have hundreds of services and support groups across England, helping people to get through crises, rebuild their lives, and to live independently in the community. We also support the families of people affected by mental illness, and have a national helpline which offers advice on all kinds of issues relating to mental health.

Rethink Mental Illness (Photo by David Baird )

Another important part of our work is campaigning to change attitudes towards mental illness, and to improve the support available to people affected by it. We run the Time to Change campaign with Mind, which is this country’s biggest ever movement to tackle the stigma around mental illness.

Our campaigns and media teams also work hard to lobby the Government to improve the care that people receive. That’s because mental health care in this country is chronically underfunded. Mental illness accounts for 23% of ill health in this country, but receives only 13% of the NHS national budget. Too often people have to wait years before getting treatments like talking therapies, and many miss out altogether. That situation is unacceptable, and we are determined to change it.

If you would like to get involved in campaigning or fundraising for us, you can find out more information on our website For advice about mental health, call our Advice service on 0300 5000 927.

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