Parivrtta Janu  Sirsasana


• Begin seated upright with the bottoms of your feet together, knees open.

• Extend your right leg out to the side and pull your left heel closer to your groin, opening the left knee further back. Firm both thighbones down, making sure that the kneecap and big toe of your extended leg are pointing straight up.

• Inhale, lift and turn your torso to the left; exhale, side bend to the right, placing the back of your right hand inside your right leg, palm facing up.

• Inhale, extend your left arm out, palm facing up; exhale, lean back as you reach the arm over your ear toward the right foot.

• Press down through your left thighbone as you pull your left shoulder blade back, revolving your torso open toward the ceiling as you lean to the right.

• Continue extending your right arm along the floor on the inside of your right leg. Rotate the upper arm bone out, turning the palm up, and hold onto the arch of your right foot with your right hand.

• Reach your top arm up and over, clasping the outside of the right foot with your left hand. Press your elbows apart as you lengthen both sides of the body and revolve your chest open and gaze up.

• To release, inhale your left arm back up to the sky, lifting your torso and switch sides.


• Opens the hips, groins and shoulders.

• Lengthens the side bodies, spine and hamstrings.

• Stimulates abdominal and reproductive organs.


• Sit on a firmly folded blanket.

• Use a strap around the extended foot.

• Hold on to the base of your skull, where the neck and head meet with the top palm, and lean back into your hand as you side bend.


Neck, shoulder or low back injuries. Low blood pressure.

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