Founded in 2015, Ritual House has a young spirit but an old soul. In its previous lives, the space, filled with natural light, housed a theatre and woodworking shop. Expression, creativity, and community are in the bones of this studio long before it became Ritual House of Yoga. Its 100-year-old exposed concrete wall speaks to its storied past, while the updated warm wooden floors are the perfect place for a new community to take root. Walking in the front door feels like coming home.

Ritual House of Yoga is a multi-style yoga studio in the Capitol Hill neighbourhood in Seattle, Washington. The studio co-owners, Sarah and Stuart Pohl, have built this studio from an idea that sparked years ago, and remained a dream until the time and place was right. Their experience prior to becoming small business owners blends the worlds of health and wellness with industry specific business acumen. Sarah worked at a the headquarters of a national yoga chain, was an event planer for a Colorado based yoga festival, and taught yoga for seven years and Stuart works as a paramedic outside of running the studio.

Ritual House of Yoga offers multiple different styles of yoga, because the same person’s mind, body, and spirit isn’t the same day-to-day and deserves choices! Most of the styles on the schedule have a vinyasa undertone, which makes this multi-style studio feel cohesive. Some of the styles of yoga you can practise include Ashtanga, Jivamukti, Forrest Yoga, Myofascial Release, and Restorative. Ritual House of Yoga also hosts donation-based call and response kirtan concerts and therapeutic sound healing events each month.

This ‘House’ definitely feels like home.
608 19th Ave E.

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