Rory Viggers

Up until teaching yoga my whole professional life had been working in music – underground record shops, labels and events. I had a regular yoga practice and began to experience a more profound sense of awareness and incredible vitality. I became intrigued by the power and potential of yoga and this led me down the path of teaching and continued study. It has transformed my life and I have never looked back.

You never stop learning. As a teacher your first job is to be firsta student, always! Yoga isn’t physical training it’s truly holistic. The moment you think your asana practice is something impressive and special you’re in trouble! There is a physical aspect to the practice but it’s not the reason for practice. What turns physical practice into a yoga practice is intelligence. Not in the intellectual context but in the ‘feeling’ sense – learning how to move into our energy body; accessing feelings and emotions. Yoga postures

can have two forms – true and false. False being realised through only the ego, the visual and the physical planes where as a true form is initiated and expressed in the feeling realm. Practise blindfolded and it gives you a better opportunity to experience the asana within you rather than you moving into some pre-conceived posture.

My primary influence (and first teacher!) is my partner Dory who continues to ensure that I stay on the right path both on and o the mat! I’m currently on a seven-year study with Dona Holleman, an inspiration with her detail and knowledge of the physical and subtle bodies.

Rory is cofounder of Bristol based collective Yogakutir ( specialising in yoga classes, retreats, workshops, events and training. His schedule is also at

Photos by Harry Hook