Ruddi’s Retreat

Welcome to Riuddi’s Retreat!

Providing holidays from the heart!

Ruddi’s Retreat was created as a direct response to Ruddi and his family’s own experience in dealing with cancer.

When Ruddi was just six and a half months old he was diagnosed with a rare cancer. Following a year of intensive treatment including a three-month stint in an American hospital, Ruddi finally went into remission.

For the two years whilst Ruddi was battling through the effects of chemotherapy and all that comes with it, Candlelighters Charity kindly gave Ruddi and his family a one-week holiday at Primrose Valley Caravan Park. This holiday helped the family to spend some much needed quality time together and was even where Ruddi took his very first steps!

Unfortunately when a child enters remission most of the charitable funding is stopped, however the after-effects on the family are sometimes only just beginning, thus making it more or less impossible to afford a holiday.

This is why Ruddi’s family decided to do something about this! To help enable ALL families regardless of nancial background or culture to have a mini retreat where the whole family can come together. Ruddi’s Retreat is now the proud owner of two beautiful static caravans at Primrose Valley in Filey, Yorkshire. The rst caravan opened in February 2012, the second in June 2013. Both of our caravans are fully modi ed to cater to the needs of their visitors.

Another way to support Ruddi’s Retreat is by doing a donation only Community Yoga class at Yotopia set up by Josephine McGrail on Wednesdays 2-3pm at Yotopia, 13 Mercer Street, Covent Garden London.

You can also support Ruddi’s Retreat by finding new creative ways in which you can teach/share a skill with others and do it by donation only. For more information, visit

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