Salila Thuy

I beganSalila Thuy practising yoga in 2009. I heard about a yoga studio called Anuttara Yoga Shala and I met a truly inspiring Vinyasa yoga teacher called Jessica Stiehm. She instantaneously captivated every cell in my entire body! Once I let the art and science of yoga incubate, my love for yoga grew and inspired me to transform it into a state of strength and empowerment.

I was going through a grieving process that began in 2004. After losing a first love in a car accident and several years later a best friend, it was like someone was robbing me of my vital organs. My family and I had realised that every time I felt constrained and empty it compelled me to travel. I was searching for the missing pieces of myself.

I travelled to parts of North and South America, Europe, Canada, India and Southeast Asia practising yoga every chance that I had on my journey. The challenging environment, culture, people and food gave me the gift of a clearer vision, a new opened heart, a breath of fresh air and a full satisfied stomach.

When I wasn’t venturing out into the world, I would study the human body. Anatomy and physiology became my favourite subjects. Alongside my Vinyasa practise, I incorporated Acroyoga in my daily routine. After two years of partner acrobats, I decided to take the route of finally becoming a certified yoga teacher. The guidance from Leslie Glickman and Debra Zambrana led me to completing a 200-hour Vinyasa training at Yoga Journey in, Florida.

I believe there is always room to grow. Yoga gives us that sacred space on the mat to do so. I continue to learn more about yoga and simultaneously, about myself. This is the recipe to thrive and fly!
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Photography by: Naya Rappaport