Salut the Sun from the Eiffel Tower

It was National Yoga Day and people have been celebrating around the world by practising yoga in interesting and exciting places.
As part of the holiday rental experts HomeAway’s sponsorship of the Euros, they have opened an apartment inside the Eiffel Tower. Yoga instructor Gemma Vassallo hosted a class to lucky yoga enthusiasts inside this apartment.

Gemma’s top tips for not turning into a couch potato during the Euros are:

1. Malasana/yogic squat. Practice this pose whilst watching the game so that your hips are prepared for you to jump and cheer when your team scores a goal

2. Try these shoulder stretches for increased arm mobility, to make drinking your beer, I mean, your water, much easier

3. Practice deep, slow breathing through the nose to help keep you calm when the opposing team scores

4. Dangling forward bend. Stretches the back body from head to toe, increases blood flow to the brain and calms the nervous system.

5. Standing back bend. Will help to open up the spine and chest and is the opposite of sitting.

6. Head rotation and neck stretches. Increases mobility and releases tension in the neck and head, which is often caused by staring at a screen with poor posture.

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